The procedure entry point _AIL_waveOutClose @ 4 in the .dll not found mss32.dll.

Anonymous asked 15.02.2015

the procedure entry point _AIL_waveOutClose @ 4 was not found in the DLL mss32.dll.( What to do about it and how to fix?)

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Sounds like a corrupt library file. Try to reinstall the game, who asks that dll. If this does not help, Download the dll file from our site and replace them with a broken library.

Anonymous 09.05.2015

I too have the same problem
the procedure entry point _AIL_set_stream_reverd_levels @ 12 not found in the DLL mss32.dll
can you please tell me what to do ? periustanavit′ game tried to,the problem does not disappear ..
Download dll ? where ? What? give a link, and how to replace them with broken library?

Anonymous 03.02.2016



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