Error ISDone.dll

Anonymous asked 16.02.2015

This error started to appear recently when you install any games. First thought, that'd download broken installers, but then I decided to check out the old, already I have. And the problem is the same. Of all the games, that have been downloaded, None established. Climb on the forums in search of a solution to the problem and came across an option, where is download the dll and throw in multiple folders. So did. Totally did not help. The game is set, but categorically refuses to function. And after then running WIND ’ s error is returned, Although ISDone.dll is put folders. If you know the solution to the problem, the advise that any. Thanks in advance.
P. S. In the forums one of the education problem was that, that could RIPnut′sâ operativa. I do not know, true or not, but…

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Have you downloaded the dll for re-registration in the system produced? Or just put the dll in the folder and all?

Anonymous 16.02.2015

Just put in the System32 and SysWOW64

Anonymous 20.02.2016
  1. Download the separate library unarc.dll
  2. Put in the System32, in a 64-bit system also put and SysWOW64
  3. At the command prompt, enter regsvr32 unarc.dll, press Enter and reboot your computer
Anonymous 01.04.2016

Everything did as told, VINDA refuses to register t.. file 32 bit, and VINDA 64 bit. tell me what to do

Anonymous 13.04.2016

Same bullshit here is the message that issued when registering DLLs “Unable to load module unarc.dll Check, the binary file is stored at the specified path or debug, to diagnose the problem with the binary or dependent .dll files. The specified module could not be found.” I would like to remind that all dllki zakinuty in appropriate folders.

Anonymous 08.10.2016



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