Программы для dll файловPrograms for dll files increasingly gaining popularity among PC users of different levels and, Of course, especially among hardcore PC gamers, that set and demolished toys almost every day, causing very serious damage to the integrity of the Windows system files and the registry. What's going on? Why add or remove programs often lead to failures in the system, bugs and brakes? The answer to this question lies in the architecture of the Windows family of operating systems and common code, so Microsoft strongly suggests. Let's look at this in more detail..

Ошибки DLL – the reasons for

The reasons are simple… Multiple register the dll library with different versions. This is as follows:… You installed a program that contains in its distribution of any dll file version 2.0. Run the program, It works – everything is fine. Time has passed and you are putting other program, contains in its distribution the same dll, but version 1.8. Run this program, It works – everything is fine. Is still time, you are trying to run the first program, and it will not start, starts cussing inappropriate and betrays something like: “unarc.dll returned error code, dll failed to start”. Typically, the user is quite difficult to understand what is happening here, But if the chronology of events in the system, it becomes clear, that number two has dll-Ku old version, and the number one program, as for evil, may not function properly with version 1.8, It give you see only version 2.0.

Well this is in brief, but the trouble is, What is ugliness going on in Windows systems and users, who love to experiment with the software and put the software regularly demolished and unbearable chaos in system files your system. In addition, I don't mention problems with the registry, that is growing by leaps and bounds, swells up and slows down your system.

Programs for dll files – exit

Of course, This state of affairs could not leave indifferent neither the programmers and many of them racing rushed to write programs for dll files, that could include clean and in order and system files, and the Windows registry. Such programs not already written a little, consider each of them we will not, Let's say only briefly, the, the main functions of the dll programs are, that they produce consistent backup dll files, they remember what program the dll-Kam and shoved them to the versions of files, to arrange program, thereby preventing conflicts and glitches, the overwriting of some versions of the dll-nuts other. The same programs for dll files usually protect and optimize system registry, trying to track the actual keys and cleaning the registry of unneeded entries. They thus maintain the registry and system speed.

Finally, I recommend a small, but it is very šustruû for dll files called Dll-Files Fixer. The program itself will find damaged or not current dll files and replace them with fresh healthy versions. Automatically makes all the necessary data and restores the previous version of a file, If it is necessary.

Author Сергей Казаков