How do I remove DLL? This question is asked us many e-mail and social networks. It Looks Like, It's time to paint the detail quite simple procedure. However,, before, How do I remove dll from Windows is strongly recommended that you make a backup of this file, because. It is likely, that system, this file may be necessary for correct working of its barbarity and vgonim poor Windows in full stupor. To this did not happen, copy the dll-Ku, you wish to delete, for example on the desktop. Just in case.

How do I remove DLL not obidiv system?

Now go straight to the answer to the question – How do I remove dll from Windows. The answer is simple. In the system there is a great team, designed just for dll libraries. This command regsvr32. She saves the user in cases, When it is necessary to register the library in the system or remove dll. The syntax of this command to remove the dll file can be for example a:

regsvr32/u C:\WindowsSystem32dllname.dll

Как удалить DLL?

In order for the, to execute this command, press “Start”, Select “Run”, drive in the command line regsvr32/u C:\WindowsSystem32dllname.dll and click “OK”. If everything is in order and remove DLL failed, on the screen you will get a message that, that cancellation of registration was successful. Now you can physically remove the file from the disk, or you can leave it on your site. It is possible that this dll-Ka still comes in handy in the future. Note, that before, How to remove the dll file you want to process the cancellation of registration in the system, otherwise, Windows will take, the file is in the system and will try to contact him if necessary. Here we get wild and glitches, because. the system will be frantically trying to find this library.

It is also possible, that removed by unregistering the dll may not be able to. This means, that some program is actively working with the library and the system simply could not deny her that opportunity. In this case, you must close the program, who can use this dll file and to lift the registration again.

Good luck and remember to permanent backup of all important data.