How to fix DLL errors, we ask users 365 days per year. The problem today is still relevant, in spite of the fact, that is already the 21st century and Windows 10 fast breaks into our lives. Due to the fact, the modular architecture of Windows operating systems and operating system still provides a portion of its system DLL's in general use, DLL error will not disappear and will haunt us for a very long time.

Interesting is the fact, that video game companies often complement their distributions a huge number of DLL files, increasing the size of the game space distribution units. They do this, Of course, not with simple. The whole thing is, What encoding the game many manufacturers try to use functions and code snippets, already once written, There were already many times already and all the proving ground for hundreds of times. This is a very good approach, because it saves time, spent on coding the game, allows to update games and software products are not entirely, but only those parts of the, who really need updating, saving money, So how to write the new code is much more expensive, the use of standard library functions. Well, etc.. The advantages of this approach are many, I just wanted to give message, This method of programming that has survived thanks to a very large number of advantages.

However, there are disadvantages, where do without them. Speaking of the, How to fix DLL errors it is appropriate to recall, the biggest and most annoying problem with this approach is that, that, as I said before, game programmers have to pack in your distro EVERY DLL library, that they have ever used in the source code. Even if the DLL-Ke was only once for a single function, which takes one line of code, it too WILL have to make the distribution and distribute to each user. Here lies a terrible zamoročka and for coders, and for users.

Before you understand how to fix DLL errors let us examine as they appear. The reason their appearance is derived from the above. The more different games you install on your computer, the stronger and more dynamic-link library (DLL) are mixed with each other and overlap each other, substitution of the versions of libraries and is sometimes, even the substitution of razrâdnostej.

Imagine such a case… A version of the game was “X”, everything worked perfectly, you are all satisfied. But it came on the day of judgment, and you have decided to download the game “Y” and install it, to play. Downloaded, installed, played and went to sleep. The next day you decide to start the game “X”, but instead of, to start please you to waddle a message “Run DLL not possible, because your computer does not have MSVCP100.DLL. Try reinstalling the program.”

Как исправить ошибки DLL

After much dancing with a tambourine and wild headache it becomes clear, that game “Y” rewrote the library msvcp100.dll the 32 bit version, at that time,, as the game “X” included with the 64-bit version and it needs it. And such cases are simply fully, that of course is a lot of hassle to young gamers, who are scratching their heads over that, How to fix DLL errors. However,, It's time to move on to the main subject of the article.

How to fix DLL errors without damaging system

Here we come to a very important point in this epic with DLL errors, because many unlucky users immediately climb in Internet, something to download from there, try to reinstall something and are forgiven forever with its remarkable operating system and sleep less than wonderful game. STOP! Here you need to take a breath and to begin to do reservation, so then do not bite your elbows. Be sure to create a system restore point, and if there is important data on HDD, then pour out the them to removable media. The first thing is check the computer anti-virus – This is the first priority! Viruses very often sit in DLL files with the name, very reminiscent of the name of the official library.

Как исправить ошибки DLL не повредив систему

Fix DLL errors without damaging the system you can only, If you understand what exactly the product belongs to a dll, that caused the error. For Example, a very common mistake “unarc.dll returned error code 7” arises, When we try to install the game on your computer. Many people think, that it generates game, and in fact it throws Inno unpacker Setap, that tells us that, that archive with the game is corrupted.

How to fix error msvcr100.dll

How to fix error msvcr100.dll closely linked to the issue of how to fix DLL error and occurs in gamers often. Oddly enough, but this failure is rooted in MFC. Give a definite answer to this question is quite difficult to, but we will try to. To start, in order for the, to fix the error msvcr100.dll, Let's update the security system of Microsoft Visual C MFC 2010.

Как исправить ошибку msvcr100.dll

You can download it here – the security system of Microsoft Visual C MFC 2010. After the update and reboot error msvcr100.dll usually disappears. By the way, If anyone doubts the resolving errors, You can watch this video, Here are all explained in detail.

Well here, I hope we examined in detail about how to fix DLL errors and such questions will no longer be. However,, If you still not everything is clear, You can ask a question and our experts will tell you how to fix DLL errors.