Run the DLL does not cause absolutely no issues and problems, If you – programmer with experience and decide such questions every day, sitting at a computer at work and creating another masterpiece of computer games. You may even be surprised to, that such a useless topic was the subject of an article. However,, If you are not a programmer, not studied 6 years at the Faculty of applied mathematics, does not own the coolest computer game, then run a DLL can be nontrivial for you and this unresolved issue can easily deprive you of potential play your favorite computer game.

It is for this reason that I suggest to disassemble carefully run a DLL on Windows versions of, not DLL error forever did not have to rack their brains over that, How to get rid of it.

DLL error when starting games

DLL error when starting games – This is the most common and the most annoying phenomenon, It takes place, When running the DLL does not take place and our system reports error. But let's look at the process of calling DLLS. Programmer, When designing a computer game, can access a third-party DLL just for the sake of a tiny function, it for any reasons not to implement yourself, and prefers to take a ready option. For example, the screenshot below shows the source code for a single game, where is the call external DLL libraries.

Запуск DLL

If this piece of code shows, the launch of the DLL was a success, but this is not always, After all, typically call for the required libraries is precisely during the start, When the game loads all necessary components in the RAM on your computer. And here the launch of the DLL can prevent various factors.

There are cases, that computer game wants to call a function, located at a third-party library DLL. Everything was going great, already a long time, but suddenly launch did not happen and the screen began to appear annoying window with error notification. Become repeat run DLL error and explore. It Turned Out, the developer library just removed this feature from the source code of the DLL and does not bother to include this item in the documentation. Game programmers had to urgently release the patch and update the source code of your product, that gamers have been able to continue normal play. Or consider another such example.

It is not possible to start missing msvcp110.dll

Here we see the, the game displays an error message DLL, that is associated with the, that it cannot find the specified path needed msvcp110.dll. How to fix DLL errors? Yes very easy! To start with check, and is there really a need for us in the system DLL-Ka. If there is any, then most likely it is corrupt, and the game may not start DLL. In this case, it would be appropriate to Download DLL and register it in the system. To do this we have written, but let's light this time again. At the command prompt, you need to run regsvr32, that the check-in agent or razregistraciej DLL in the system.

Запуск невозможен отсутствует msvcp110.dll

After, registration process will be completed, the game will automatically start downloading the DLL and, If the file meets all the requirements of the game (version, bit depth), You can enjoy the gameplay. However, this type of DLL startup we can't call the best because. hardly you will find the exact version the places library, that you need to. Much more reliable download the latest version of the software or the game, that includes the DLL file. To reinstall the entire software product together with this library. Perezakruzit′sâ and to run the DLL again.